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Discover your new style. Find out why our customers think Persona Shoes are sleek, classic, and modern.

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Introducing The Apollos.

The Apollos is our first collection of full grain leather sneakers. That's designed to make an lasting impression where ever you go. Right now we only making 3 variants of this timeless shoe brown, black, and white.

Stylish, Modern, And Comfortable.

" At first, I was skeptical to pay the price for these casual/business shoes. But, I'm glad I did! These are really soft and comfortable. It did take some time to break them in but I figured that'd be the case with leather sneakers. Overall, I love the product I received and the customer service that I experienced. All in all, I should have made this decision sooner! "

Brett P.

Felt Like I Floated Into Heaven

" I have a wide, flat foot. So, I was on the edge about these shoes. But, man the moment I put them on and walked around, I thought I've been lifted up into heaven! These shoes are so soft and fits great on me too. It's just what I was hoping for! "

Jerry J,

A Modern Classic.

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Made To Last.

Persona Shoes are handcrafted. Meaning that every order received is made after your purchase. This allows us to ensure the best quality possible. The Persona Artisans craft every pair by carefully handling each piece gently and softly. So, you our customers will receive a pair of shoes that's last a lifetime.

A Persona Love Story

The Apollo Bracelet

Looking for something to add a extra touch? Our Apollo bracelets matches perfectly with our Apollo Sneaker Collection.

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